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Information about reporting tax evasion

Please supply as much information as possible for each of the following steps.

You are required to enter information in fields followed by an asterisk "*". This is an indicator for mandatory information.


Step 1 - Type of taxpayer

Have you provided information about this person, business or industry before?


Yes *

If you have information about a person as well as their business, you can just make one business type of report and include information about both the person and their business. If you choose to make two reports, please tell us the case reference number from the first report when you make the second report so we can link the cases.

The industry trend form does not have space for details of particular businesses. If you have information about an industry trend and your information includes details of one or more businesses in the industry, you can also complete a separate form for each business, or you can mail all the details to us.


The information you have is about:


a person, not a business *
a business
an industry trend